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Dear visitor,

Welcome to Szentesi Üdülőközpont Nonprofit Kft’s site!

Szentes Recreation Center is located in a picturesque area along the river Kurca. The area offers a wide range of leisure and entertainment throughout the year.

This wide range of activities is specific for Szentes city  that beside a beautiful architecture can be proud of the historical monuments and notable personalities. Throughout the year various cultural and artistic programs are hosted all designed to ensure better provision for those interested.

In our recreation center every guest, regardless of age, can find an activity that would ensure the best possible leisure.

Our center offers recreational holiday cottages with 2 or 4 beds and can accommodate over 100 people and the camping area can accommodate tents or caravans for over 150 people throughout the year.

For those who want to swim we have several swimming pools with cold water (one of 50 m, one of 25 m and a 33m one) and for those who want to have more leisure and relaxation we offer pools with thermal water, sauna, and a wide range wellness services.

For children we have pools with minislide and mini waterfall as for the fun lovers we have a pool with 3 slides an Anaconda, a kamikaze and a family one. In addition to slides, entertainment enthusiasts can opt for tennis, beach volei, football, pedal boats and not the least we have a diving area.

Fishermen can bring their tools because the center offers its own bank of the Kurca River and if that is not enough Tisa River is nearby and the catches are real impressive there. Hiking and walking enthusiasts will discover that the area near the river Tisa and the 3 Cris Rivers is really impressive and beautiful.

Located in the heart of nature as a recreation center Szentes will certainly be able to offer a truly pleasant stay to all guests regardless of age.

We look forward to you being the guest of our resort!